Welcome to ‘LouieTheSidecarDog’s’ website!

Louie is a pedigree Dalmation and a member of our motorcycle loving family. Together we enjoy adventures on our Royal Enfield 500 & Watsonian sidecar.

Getting Louie to ride in the sidecar started at the age of five months, firstly by sitting in it whilst static, then wearing his goggles at mealtimes. He sat in the sidecar with the engine running to get him used to the noise. And finally short journeys sat on a passenger’s lap until eventually flying solo!

Louie loves nothing more than being out and about in his sidecar. Especially when strangers look, smile and wave. And a stranger soon becomes a friend to Louie

If you’d like to get in touch, our contact details are below. We’re always up for a new adventure, an interesting day out or just a chat about dogs, motorcycles and sidecars.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned to follow the continuing adventures of Louie The Sidecar Dog!